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Ombre chiffon dress

289.00  incl. VAT

Skirts and trousers

Hand crocheted shorts

150.00  incl. VAT
75.00  incl. VAT


Hand crocheted top

75.00  incl. VAT

Skirts and trousers

Hand crocheted skirt

220.00  incl. VAT


Hand-crocheted jacket

250.00  incl. VAT


Satin dress in gold

Original price was: 120.00 €.Current price is: 80.00 €. incl. VAT

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Fashion jewellery and accessories

La Mariposa Exclusive

168.00  incl. VAT

Fashion jewellery and accessories

Fashion belt in smoke grey

35.00  incl. VAT
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Fashion jewellery and accessories

Double bracelet in gold

Original price was: 25.00 €.Current price is: 20.00 €. incl. VAT

Fashion jewellery and accessories

Double olive green bracelet

25.50  incl. VAT

Fashion jewellery and accessories

Chain with feather pendant

19.90  incl. VAT
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Fashion jewellery and accessories

Cristalline luxury fashion earrings

32.90  incl. VAT

Fashion jewellery and accessories

Delicate silk scarf in pink

24.00  incl. VAT

Scarves and scarves

Hand-knitted scarf in honey

32.00  incl. VAT


Exceptional unique designs for dresses and jewellery. There is something for every woman. And with great dresses and jewellery comes a great designer and a great woman, with whom it is always a pleasure to collaborate on joint projects.


Sanja is an extremely talented and artistic young lady who makes every woman special with her special creations. I recommend her unique jewellery to all women who want to accentuate their beauty, their style and leave their mark.


Sanja is a wonderful and very talented fashiondesigner. Her fantasy is endless and I admire her feminine spirit and creations!



A Lady

Sanja Stojanovski
Designer and SC Manager

Sanja Stojanovski comes from a cultural and historical pearl of the Balkans and Europe, a beautiful town on one of the most beautiful lakes - Ohrid. She grew up in a very creative family full of love, where innate talent was the hallmark of them all.

"I've been fascinated by art and fashion for as long as I can remember.

She drew and painted a lot as a child, and developed a parallel interest and passion for fashion. She took part in many painting competitions for young and creative people, which gave her a lot of confidence and she started sketching and later creating and sewing dresses for herself. This passion for design first impressed her friends, who wanted her creations.

For her, it was a new adventure. With great optimism, she took the decision to start making dresses that would inspire women who would be happy and proud to show her creations.

Love brought her to Slovenia, which became her new home, but also a new start in all areas. Together with her life and business partner, they built the STOJANOVSKI COUTURE brand, which was quickly loved by many.

STOJANOVSKI COUTURE products are the perfect choice for the woman who is conscious of her femininity, nourishes it and presents it in the most beautiful light. They have been presented at several fashion shows, fashion events, world-famous beauty contests in Slovenia such as World Top Model Slovenia, Miss Earth Slovenia, Miss Universe Slovenia.

"I'm very inspired by fashion and new ideas are born again and again." As a designer, she is loyal and dedicated to her work, as her vision is to create unique fashion stories full of passion and love. She enjoys good food, travelling and spending time with her husband and their puppy.

Dear ladies, enhance your natural beauty, be part of a special story of timeless creations and unique jewellery that symbolise the delicate charm and luxury of us women. Take your time and enjoy the moments of searching for the perfect dress and jewellery.

Let the HUNDRED COUTURE be your inspiration to be true to yourself and to your Beautiful.


Revija Suzy
Revija IN