Creativity is like breathing

Ustvarjalnost je kot dihanje

"The clothes make the man, but it is the man who has to know how to wear the clothes," says Sanja Stojanovski, advocate of the elegant clothing and accessories created for women who are aware of their femininity, nurturing it and presenting it in the most beautiful light. She believes that, unfortunately, we compare ourselves too much to men when it comes to body shape and advises us to let them be men and let us nurture what we have been given and be women.

Creative Director and owner of SAN fashion & jewellery, a brand known for luxury evening dresses and unique jewellery, she has been designing clothes and jewellery since her teens. "I've been passionate about art and fashion for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a very creative family full of love. I made my first dress and jewellery for myself, and since then I swear by my formal wear creations," she confides.

Her love is high fashion, and she draws inspiration for her glamorous creations from everywhere. "When I say my creativity has no limits, I mean it. Creativity is like breathing for me. A lot of my creations are born from an idea that came to me while I was sleeping. Ideas are the easiest part of fashion creation for me, it's much harder to coordinate with the team to make a dress, but luckily everything works out in the end. I like to be meticulous down to the last detail."

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Ustvarjalnost je kot dihanje



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