How to stay a Lady!

A Lady

A couple of advices HOW to stay a LADY:

*Classy is defined by elegance and dignity, not by VULGAR LANGUAGE.
*Stay well GROOMED.
*Walk like a functional human, without hip-swinging or hair-flicking.
*Stay away from GOSSIP, do not talk about others.
*A little mystery never hurt anyone.
*Carry your own luggage, but accept offers with a smile.
*Accept a compliment.
*Don’t comment on other women’s weight. Hold your head high, but never your nose.
*Do not judge someone you don’t know.
*Show your gratitude.
*Try not to talk about home expenses.
*ALWAYS be yourself, no matter what.
*Do not boost about your exotic holidays on social media.
*Do NOT respond to Drama.
*Be aware of your appearance, weight, know about calories, but never talk about it unless necessary.
*Think before you speak.
*Be intelligent, but not “a know it all” person.
*Put your makeup in private place, not in front of a table full with people.
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